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n Party's (PLN) Johnny Araya and center-left Broad Front's (FA) Jose Maria Villalta - are likely to make a runoff slated for April 6, according to the latest poll by the Universi


med they did nothing wrong and wanted to go to trial. NEW YORK, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) -- New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday urged the U.S. Senate to pass the revised James Zadr.


r of taxpayer-funded cell phones and smart phones in half. Of the 67,117 phones identified, agencies and departments have eliminated 29,398 devices to date. The state must elimina.


ample, by building a library, a science lab or a computer room -- could help narrow the academic gap with better equipped schools. Jesus Duarte, one of the authors, said Latin Ame.


turally advanced take on the problem of immigration. "We spoke about the building of a new bridge between the two countries over the Parana River, and we also spoke a lot about th.

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affect no more than 0.5 percent of the production," the state-run Codelco said in a statement. An 8.8-magnitude earthquake devastated Chile's central-south regions of Andina, Venta.

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guage on missile defense from the preamble, which would mean killing of the treaty. However, such a resolution needs 51 votes to pass, while the Republicans hold only 42 seats in .

s economic team said that this year's higher inflation rate was sparked by shortages resulting from drought in parts of the country. The campaign team accused Neves of planning a .

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