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vyweight spam- sending botnets, including Cutwail, Rustock and Mega-D, now controlling at least 5 million compromised computers. He said Cutwail was a dominating force across both


the site. Protesters chanted "The people united will never be defeated," "This is a peaceful protest," and "The whole world is watching," according to the report. Protesters of th.


ove and deepen alliance cooperation, and issues affecting global security, according to Little. The meetings are scheduled from Wednesday to Friday, and attendees will celebrate t.


the same period of 2013, when 81,855 migrants were arrested, the institute said. The figure is the highest since 2007, when 120,000 migrants were arrested. Media reports say it ref.


n March 1. WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said on Thursday that the United States seeks to launch "a meaningful and practical proc.

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gin assigning responsibilities for investigating all leads "on high-priority threats," and distribute the intelligence reports more rapidly and widely. He also called for strengt.

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he right to decide issues not discussed at the negotiating table." So far in the nearly two-year talks aimed at ending Latin America's longest-running guerrilla war, the FARC and .

Es), fruits, clothing, medical supplies, and blankets. A total of 40 tons of aid has been delivered to date. In addition to delivering aid, the fleet forces are assisting in searc.

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